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Viadon building 2019


60k+ Orders
4k+ Customers
20+ Years in Business
0% Employee Turnover
Acres Tape Sold
Millions Plugs & Caps Shipped
Thousands Custom Die Cuts
Hundreds Custom Molded Parts


Viadon works very hard to provide the best customer service, and it shows in both customer loyalty and the feedback we receive. Thanks to all of our other fantastic customers! We appreciate your business.

I have to say that you (Dave), Suzy and Stephanie provide fantastic customer service. If a prospective customer ever asks for a referral, feel free to provide my contact info.

Nicole, Finishing Company
Illinois, USA

Thanks for the quick shipping! I just want to say you guys do a great job, and I know I am a small customer but you guys take care of me the same as if I was a big customer.

Mike, Job Shop
Missouri, USA

You guys rock!!!!
That's why I don't even look at anyone else's website anymore - I just come straight to you guys. you all have been fantastic to work with.

Deb, Metal Finisher
Illinois, USA

I wanted to thank you for pushing through that custom tape order for me. It came at just the right time and worked perfectly. You guys are the best! Keep up the good work.

Fred, Plater
Washington state, USA
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